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Soft KRUSH Sneakers-Velvet

The comfy sneakers make your feet feel good

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Used to be reserved for the royal family, velvet material has always been classy and precious. We reinvented velvet and make it 100% sustainable. Casual luxury looks, comfortable feels, and eco-friendly designs. The KrushTM Velvet Series is the everyday sneaker that complements your personal style, from special occasion gowns to a casual outfit.

Core Features

1. Signature Krush™ velvet upper made from 7 plastic bottles
2. 100% recycled lining
3. Supportive insole made from corn starch and recycled foam
4. Bio-based greenksole® outsole
5. Slip on&off K-Zipper on the side
6. Perfectly matches multiple occasions, whether it’s heading to the office, the gym, or hanging out with your besties

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Care Instructions

1. Pull out the insoles and laces, you can machine wash them, but we recommend hand washing.
2. Use soft brush, gently and carefully wash the upper surface with mild detergent and cold water, air dry in shade.
3. Gently brush the outsole with mild detergent and cold water.
4. Do not machine wash. Do Not use bleach, Do Not dry clean.
5. Take good care of the gold thread in the shoes.
6. Relax, cleaning KOKOLU shoes is an easy job.


Casual And Sustainable Luxury

Made from 7 recycled plastic bottles, Krush™ Velvet material is rich in cultural connotation and have fantastic functional design possibilities. The silky fabric reflects light and magically changes colors at different angles. We made it colorful and breezy, elegant and comfy. You make it fun!


Comforts Every Step

Made from corn starch and recycled foam, our custom insole is engineered to cushion and breathe, effectively easing feet and preventing common feet injuries. The deep heel cup design and all-day arch support insole gives your feet extra softness and extra protection. Breathable and temperature-regulating air holes make the insole antimicrobial, good at odor control and always keep your foot dry.


Slip On, Get To Go

The K-Zipper design on the side makes it easy to slip on and off. In a hurry? Zip it off and on, without the fuss of laces, you can simply slide your foot in and run out the door. No fumbling, no opportunity to come undone; just make your life much easier.


Comfort Matters, So Does Our Earth

Made from natural rubber that is sustainably harvested and recycled rubber waste, our greenksole® outsole offers an extraordinarily lightweight experience for your feet, without a burden to our planet. It is super durable, grippy and anti-slipping and is designed for multi-environment traction.


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