How To Style Socks: The Ultimate Guide

How To Style Socks: The Ultimate Guide

Accessories can be a powerful tool to bring together a perfect outfit. Though we don’t always consider socks as an accessory, more so a necessity, there are many ways to style socks that will create incredible, polished looks. 

Sure, socks were invented centuries ago so that peasants who constantly worked in fields would not succumb to frostbite; but just because garments serve a practical purpose does not mean that they can’t also be used to make fashion statements.

Socks will keep your feet warm and cozy, help prevent blisters, and pull your outfits together. No matter what your sense of style looks like, socks can be the perfect addition to your overall look. 

There are many different kinds of socks, and many different ways of styling them, so read on and learn some new tricks to style your socks!

Different Sock Types 

There are countless ways you can choose to style your socks, but before we even get there, it’s important to acknowledge all the different kinds of socks.

Different sock types can serve different purposes, both practically and fashionably, so it’s important to break down the basic kinds of socks. 

No Show Socks 

No-show socks are fairly self-explanatory. At their core, these kinds of socks are practical.

These are the types of socks that you’ll need when you’re wearing ballet slippers, flats, or very low-cut sneakers and you don’t want the socks to show. Certain cuts of shoes leave the surface of your foot exposed, and socks could ruin that look, so no-shows are perfect to make your shoe game look pristine, all while ensuring your feet are warm and comfortable.

Ankle Socks 

Another self-explanatory sock style, ankle socks are simply socks that cut off at the ankle. 

Ankle socks can be extremely practical, especially if you are wearing sneakers or any other ankle-length shoe. There are, however, ways to style ankle socks to add a fun flair or pop of color to your outfit, especially with styles like scalloped socks (which we will cover in-depth later). 

Crew Socks

Crew socks are a bit longer than ankle socks, typically cutting off around the calf of the leg. They tend to be thicker and are often associated with having stripes where the socks cut off. 

The top stripes can now be used as a stylistic choice, though historically the stripes are there to represent your allegiance to a certain group, most commonly a sports team.

Knee-Length Socks 

Knee-high socks cut off right at the knee and are perfect for a fun flair to your outfit, or to ensure that your knee-high boots don’t cause chaffing or blisters. 

It is another style of sock that is self-explanatory with its name but can really add exciting elements to your outfits. 

Over-the-Knee Socks 

When you hear over-the-knee socks, you might think of tights, which can be true, but often they are exactly as their name suggests: socks that end above the knee, on or just under the thighs.

This kind of sock can be great for professional outfits, like pencil skirts with a blazer, or can be the perfect accessory for someone with a sassy sense of style, which we’ll break down some more below!

Sassy Sock Styles

Are you trying to make your outfits scream flirty and thriving? Knee-high socks and over-the-knee socks are the perfect opportunities to add a sassy flair to your wardrobe. 

For instance, you will look stylish and flirty with over-the-knee socks and a mini skirt or mini dress. That way, only a sliver of your thigh will be showing, even though your skirt cuts off at a short length, which will add a playful element to your look. 

Similarly, knee-high socks that are slightly longer than your favorite pair of knee-length boots, along with a skirt and light jacket can be a hot fall staple outfit. 

For anyone with a more punk sense of style, knee-length fishnet socks can be the perfect addition to your edgy wardrobe. 

Sporty Chic Styles 

You don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate sporty outfits, and especially with the prevalence of athleisure in street fashion, now is the best time to experiment with sportier looks!

Crew socks, or even tube socks, which are very similar in style, are perfect for accessorizing and completing the perfect sporty, casual outfits

Keep it classic, rock your favorite pair of crew socks with a comfortable pair of sneakers, and add an athletic flair to any outfit of your choice. Whether you want to wear a dress or sweats, the sneaker and crew sock combo is a fashion must. 

For warmer days where you want to keep it casual, but still flex your sporty chic style, rock some crew socks with a pair of sandals or slides. You will look effortlessly cool and stylish, all because of the addition of a pair of socks. 

Scalloped Socks 

A style that is rapidly gaining popularity, and for good reason, is the scalloped sock look. This fad refers to socks of any length that have a scalloped or ruffled top, to add a cute pop to your outfit. 

This is a style that can complement literally any wardrobe. 

Are you a lover of combat boots and black, gothic-like footwear? Add a playful pop to contrast the style with a pair of white scalloped socks, or even seek out black scalloped socks to match your style with some extra texture. 

Is your fashion sense a little more casual and cutesy? You will love wearing some ankle-length scallop socks, especially alongside a pair of converse or vans! 

Even if you lean more towards a sporty, athletic look, the scalloped socks can add a playful element to your jock style.

Earthy Socks 

Socks can add depth to even the most niche styles. If your wardrobe leans more on the earthy, looks-ready-for-a-hike-at-all-times end of the spectrum, socks can be a great way to accessorize and personalize your look!

Thick, wooly textured crew or tube socks match really well with the natural, earthy aesthetic, and are especially perfect for those colder months when it can be challenging to maintain our sense of style. Pair your bulky socks alongside your favorite pair of hiking boots, or even with a cute pair of sandals, and add some depth to your style. 

Socks Rock 

Many garments and accessories can factor into our style, and socks should become a top priority.

We all need socks to protect our feet and keep us warm, andwe can use socks to express our unique sense of style and add more character to our wardrobes. Whether you dress like an athlete, a punk rocker, or even a working professional, you can use socks to your advantage and make your style pop! 



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