5 Sporty Style Ideas for Casual Wear

5 Sporty Style Ideas for Casual Wear

Athleisure is more prevalent in fashion than ever before. Over the past few decades, casual fashion has become sportier and sportier. Even in the last couple of years, the athleisure trend has exploded and become a central part of popular streetwear fashion.

Naturally, we all want to try out current trends, but it can be challenging to figure out how to blend new styles into our personal wardrobes (and unique styles). If you tend to leave the athletic wear to the athletes, don’t worry. We have plenty of tips and tricks you can use to infuse some sporty fashion into your daily looks.

Keep reading to learn all about our favorite ways to update your look with a sporty style that’s always on-point.

Dress Up Your Sweatpants

Do you love sweatpants but have no idea how to take your lazy day look out on the town? Look no further. These days, sweats are everywhere, and celebrities and style icons alike have paved the way for the rest of us to start rocking sweats as a part of our everyday style. 

One way you can make sweats look fashionable is to add a pair of high heels. Your love of heels and sweats can finally combine for a refreshingly stylish casual look. 

A chic pair of kitten heels paired with a cozy pair of sweatpants might not make sense on paper — but once you actually combine the two garments, you are left with a look that’s put together and comfortable at the same time. 

If heels are not your jam, you have plenty of other options. Perhaps sustainable footwear is more your style — a pair of cute sneakers, gold jewelry, and a monochrome sweatsuit looks effortlessly classy and cool. And there are so many other ways to dress up your sweats for an on-trend combination of sporty and casual. 

Combine a leather jacket with your sweatpants and look comfortably rock and roll. Stylish jackets can elevate any outfit, and the combo of sweats with a chic leather jacket creates the perfect sporty casual style. 

Sweatpants do not need to be worn exclusively as activewear or loungewear. When you dress up your favorite pair of sweats, you can create unique, stylish, and sporty outfits that work for any occasion.

Everyday Sneakers

Sneakers are the sportiest footwear out there and an easy way to show off your sporty style with a go-to pair of sneakers. 

Sneakers are versatile and comfy. You can wear them to the gym and the office, and you’ll feel comfortable and confident no matter what your day has in store for you. 

Pair sneakers with just about any outfit to add an athletic flair while still looking casual. For instance, mix your favorite sneakers with a cute t-shirt dress. The two garments complement each other and create a fashion-forward combination of casual and athletic styles. 

Another great way to incorporate sneakers into your wardrobe is by combining them with a cute pair of jeans and a blouse. Each part of the outfit blends different styles that compliment each other once they are combined. A nice blouse is more elegant, while the jeans add a casual element, and the sneakers pull the whole outfit together with a fun (and comfy) bit of sportiness. 

There are endless sneaker options to choose from. Our favorites, however, are the Comfort Knit Sneakers. These kicks are made from sustainably sourced recycled plastics, come in a variety of stylish shades, and maximize your comfort. They are the perfect casual sneaker to add to your collection, whether you’re running an errand or hitting the dance floor.

Black Leggings: A Chic Staple

A stylish and easy way to infuse more sporty style into your daily wardrobe is with a pair of black leggings. Black matches with literally everything, so you can wear your leggings anywhere. 

For instance, if you want to add a sporty element to your errand-running attire, leggings are your new best friend. Since they are elastic and form-fitting, leggings are great for moving around and will rest comfortably on your body. They also have the added benefit of defining your natural curves. 

Leggings pair well with any pair of shoes. Whether you plan on wearing combat boots, sneakers, or even sandals, your leggings will not look out of place. 

Similar to sweatpants, you can also elevate your casual-sporty outfit with a fashion-forward jacket. A trench coat on top of your leggings will make you look sophisticatedly casual, while a cute top can dress them up for any event.

You simply cannot style leggings wrong. They are comfortable, sporty pants that match everything and complement your figure. It is a win-win-win!

Sports Bra Tops for Summer

Fashion gets trickier as the weather gets warmer. Thankfully, it’s easy to look sporty and casual in the summertime. Make a lasting impression and keep cool by wearing a sports bra as a top. 

In the summer, less is more. It can get far too hot to wear a full-coverage top, so why not take advantage of the heat (and your sporty sense of style) by rocking a sports bra as a top? 

To master this athletic, casual style, you can take your favorite comfortable sports bra and pair it with a pair of jean shorts. If jort-induced chaffing is ruining your vibe, then try pairing a sports bra with a pair of mom shorts or cargo shorts. Whatever your short preference is, you will not look out of place styling them with a sports bra. 

For breezy summer evenings, elevate your sporty look with a stylish pair of long jeans or a maxi skirt. You will experience the best of both worlds this way. The jeans will keep you warm, while your sports bra top allows you to relish summer sunshine a little bit longer. 

Do not be afraid to show a little skin with a sports bra this summer. They are comfortable, stylish ways to incorporate some athleticism into your casual fashion.

Accessorize With Baseball Caps

Possibly the easiest way to add more sporty styles into your casual wardrobe is by wearing baseball caps as an accessory. 

Whether you want to represent your favorite sports team, a band you like, or your unique sense of humor, baseball caps have it all. They can show off your personal style while still making you look sporty. 

For a casual outfit that’s a total home run, top any casual look with a baseball cap, like our stylish Team Earth Cap. Grab your favorite pair of jeans, boots, and a graphic t-shirt for a completely relaxed look. The cap pulls the whole thing together by upping that sporty element — top it off with Y2K shades, and you’ll look like an undercover celeb.

Another casual way to jazz up your go-to favorites with a little more sporty flavor is with a stylish tote bag. Look athletic and casual while running your errands with an eco-friendly tote bag that is totally on-trend. 

Accessorizing is quick and simple but ties an outfit together perfectly. Baseball caps are the best sporty accessory and are a must-have in your closet. 

Endless Sporty Styles

As athleisure increases in popularity, it is crucial to incorporate athletic attire into your casual wardrobe. Thankfully, these days it is easier than ever to add sporty styles to your closet. 

There are countless ways to style sporty pieces. Our tips are here to help you navigate all your options. Whether you start rocking leggings around town or accessorize with baseball caps, you will look sporty and chic in no time. 



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