Sustainable Brand Aims to Shape the Future

Sustainable Brand Aims to Shape the Future

KOKOLU, a sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand, made its pledge to shape the future by shaping consumers’ lifestyles thought its sustainable product series.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 7, 2021 / -- We are living in the digital era. People want access to the newest styles and designs, instantaneously. Fashion brands are also picking up the pace, to meet the market requirements. But at the same time, such ‘’fast fashion’’ comes with dreadful consequences for the environment. In such a scenario; sustainable fashion is the need of the hour. Just on last Saturday, sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand KOKOLU made its firm and glamorous declaration on the Nasdaq big screen at Times Square, pledging to shape the future by shaping consumers’ lifestyles thought its sustainable product series.

What is Sustainable Fashion?
Sustainable or ethical fashion refers to the production of clothing and accessories in an ecologically balanced way considering both; environmental and socio-economic aspects; eventually resulting into conscious consumerism and the wellbeing of our planet. Surprisingly, fashion industry is responsible for 25% of global industrial water pollution and for 18% of all global emissions. Clearly, the main responsibility of fashion brands is to change their business strategies and promote slow fashion model. Moreover, employing local artisans and promoting ethical working conditions will eventually result into improved local economies. Unquestionably, sustainability is the only way to create a better future.

KOKOLU From Nature | For The Future
Founded in 2018; The contemporary fashion brand promotes ‘green fashion’ and count on eco-friendly, innovative materials to craft latest designs in footwear and apparel for consumers worldwide; without compromising on the style quotient. It encourages eco- conscious consumerism; moreover, it employs local artisans and promotes ethical working conditions to improve local economies. Discovering and using ground-breaking technologies is the KOKULU way of life. Few advanced technologies this sustainable brand implements are-

Alternative Textiles
KOKULU uses recycled fibers like lyocell and PET to make their edgy products. They consume up to 40% less energy, produces up to 68% less greenhouse gas, reduces oil consumption and can feign various properties similar to cellulosic fibers.

Dope Dyeing
Dope-dyeing, requires fewer chemicals as compare to regular wet processing. KOKULU applies Dope Dye technology to create incredible colors. Subsequently resulting into less water stimulation, major drop in the production cost and in the ecological footprint of the products.

3D Knitting
KOKULU has used advanced 3D knitting technology and collaborated with supreme manufacturing partners in the industry to create trendy yet comfortable fit sneakers from plastic bottles; resulting into minimal waste. Yet another milestone in encouraging sustainability.

Biodegradable Vegan Leather
Biodegradable Vegan leather is an eco-friendly alternative to leather. It is organic, soft, and sturdy and can be used to make modish fashion accessories like shoes and bags.

Sirmione ECO - Recycled and Recyclable
KOKOLU has teamed up with artisans globally to create Sirmione ECO. The assorted range of attractive 3D knitted sneakers is sustainable, stylish and offers an extraordinary wearable experience. As landfill soles up as a breeding ground for toxic bacteria, because synthetic footwear isn't decomposable, these 3D knitted sneakers are completely made from recycled plastic bottles, totally recyclable and designed for comfort. With an emphasis on ease, style, and eco-friendly material, you can think of Sirmione ECO sneakers as being good for the soul.

Sustainability Meets Style
Whether you're running around the neighborhood, visiting your favorite coffee shop or just stepping out to run errands, Sirmione ECO sneakers is your everyday shoe. Made from 100% sustainable materials; these sneakers are the perfect combination of style and performance. Featuring a sole crafted entirely of natural and recycled rubber; it provides all day wearability. Available in various amazing colors, Sirmione ECO sneakers are lightweight yet built up to resistance. Just pair these trendy sneakers with your favorite outfit, and you are all set to make heads turn!

One Step Closer to A Sustainable Future
With KOKOLU making its most sustainable sneakers yet, the brand continues to design products affordable and accessible to the world, ultimately leading and accelerating the advent of an eco-future for all of us and generations to come.

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