How To Get Creases Out of Shoes & Keep Them New

Have you ever spent a day out rocking your new pair of shoes, only to eventually look down and discover creases and wrinkles on your stylish kicks? It’s a feeling that’s extremely frustrating and all too common. 

Frankly, unless you keep your shoes in a glass case for display only, there is no avoiding creasing. Even if you have a light gait and monitor your sneakers closely, your shoes will eventually develop creases or wrinkles. It’s just unavoidable.

Shoes are meant to be worn, but that does not mean they have to look worn out! 

Your shoes will eventually have a “lived-in” appearance, but do not be discouraged, even if you feel the urge to toss your shoes and replace them. Instead, you can use one of the techniques we will talk about below to remove those creases and restore your shoes to their original, fresh form. 

Trying one of these techniques will not only save you money, but it will also be better for the environment. Every year over 300 million shoes get thrown away, and the majority of them end up in landfills, where they can take between 30 and 40 years to decompose. By taking good care of your sneakers and removing creases instead of tossing them, you are making a choice to minimize unnecessary shoe waste

The best part about removing the creases from your shoes at home is that it is quick and easy! Any of the following hacks will make your beloved shoes look brand new again, at a low cost and with minimal effort. 

Read on to find the best hack for you, and you’ll be ready to show off your cool kicks again in no time. 

1. Iron Your Shoes

The quickest and easiest way to remove the creases from your shoes is to iron them. In hindsight, this hack makes perfect sense. We iron our shirts and pants to remove wrinkles and keep our clothes looking fresh, so why would that same logic not apply to our footwear? 

Of course, the fabrics and fibers of shoes tend to be more delicate than blouses and t-shirts when it comes to heat exposure, but this hack has a solution for that problem as well. You do not need to fret about burning or melting your shoes using the ironing trick. 

For this hack, you will need an iron (obviously) and a towel. 

First, you will need to grab a towel and get it damp with warm water. Then, you place the warm, damp towel on top of the creased areas of your shoes. 

Turn your iron on to the medium setting; you don’t want your iron to be too hot so you can avoid any potential damage to your shoes. Once your iron is on and ready, gently move it over top of the towel. The damp towel acts as a buffer to prevent the iron from damaging the shoe. Periodically lift the iron to let the shoe breathe, and then continue ironing until the creases are completely gone. 

Ironing your shoes takes no time at all. Plus, an iron and a wet towel are all it takes to make your shoes appear brand new again.

2. Steam Your Shoes

If you don’t have an iron or would rather not risk any potential burning, we recommend trying to steam your shoes. Steam successfully removes wrinkles from clothes and can also remove the creases from your shoes with ease. 

For this steam hack, you will need a working microwave and a towel. 

Before you do anything, remove the laces of your shoes so that you have easier access to the creases. Once the shoelaces are gone, take a small towel or a handcloth and get it damp. Place the damp towel onto a microwave-safe dish, and then microwave it until it is steaming. 

We recommend microwaving in increments of about 15 seconds for safety. Though your towel is unlikely to burn in the microwave, it is always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to heat. 

Once your towel is steaming, you remove it from the microwave. Rub and dab it on top of the creased areas of your shoes. Putting your hand in the shoe's interior for extra support will make the process smoother. Continue rubbing the steaming towel over the creases until they are gone. 

You might have to re-microwave the towel several times to get it steaming again. 

If you own a steamer and want to expedite this process, you can simply plug in your steamer and use that to remove the creases of your shoes. Just be sure to place a warm, damp towel over the shoe to protect it from potential damage. 

3. Blow Dry Your Shoes

You have probably picked up on the idea that heat is the best tool to remove creases from your favorite sneakers — and it’s true! Heat and steam are the best wrinkle removers, so no matter what heated tool you use, it will likely assist in removing creases. 

A couple of techniques for removing creasing can also be done with a hair dryer. 

First, you can apply a warm, damp towel to the creased shoe area. Then, set the blow dryer to medium and apply the heat onto the towel and shoe. This technique will work similarly to the ironing technique or the steaming trick, just with a different heated device. 

Another blow dryer technique that is especially useful for leather shoes requires a shoe tree. 

What Is a Shoe Tree?

If you identify as a “sneakerhead,” you might already know what a shoe tree is, but if you don’t, it is a device that could save you a lot of hassle when it comes to creases in your shoes. 

A shoe tree is a wooden tool shaped like a foot that is placed inside your shoe to help preserve its shape and reduce creasing. In fact, owning a shoe tree can be a proactive step to avoid having to remove creases from shoes in the future. 

If you decide to purchase one or happen to own a shoe tree but still experience some creasing in your shoes, this is where the blow dryer can come in handy. This hack can be successfully done on any kind of shoe but tends to react the best with plastic or leather shoes. 

First, remove any shoe laces. Then, place your shoe tree inside your shoe. Next, you can turn your hair dryer onto a low setting, hold the device about two inches away from the shoe, and run the blow dryer over it a few times before setting it down. After applying some heat, rub the outside of the warm fabric or leather with the shoe tree still inside. 

Repeat as many times as necessary to remove all the creases. 

4. Invest in Shoe Cream

Besides shoe trees, you can stay proactive with your footwear care by investing in a shoe cream. Utilizing products that strengthen your shoes and naturally eliminate wrinkles and creases will save you so much time and effort in the future and will ensure that your shoes last much longer. 

Shoe cream, or shoe conditioner, is a small added cost that will ultimately benefit you in the long haul. 

From sustainable sneakers to combat boots, any kind of shoe will benefit from shoe cream, as it adds moisture to the shoe and strengthens the material. The stronger your shoe is, the harder it will be for creases and wrinkles to develop. 

Shoe cream and shoe conditioner are essential tools for leather shoes. Leather shoes require extra care, so using a cream that will improve their appearance and make them more durable is a must!

Eliminate Creases and Keep Your Shoes New

Creases are an eyesore and a burden, but they do not mean the life of your kicks has come to an end. You can use many tips and tricks to remove creases on your sneakers and keep all of your kicks looking as fresh as the first day you got them. 

Invest in tools like shoe trees and creams, and grab your iron, steamer, or hot towel, and your shoes will look brand new again in no time! 



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