For something that is supposed to bring joy and self-expression, it’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the most harmful contributors to global warming in the world. Not to be a downer, but not only are millions of tons of textiles ending up in landfills, but the entire industry is wasting an absurd amount of energy and natural resources during the production of these goods. Dark, we know, but there’s hopefully a happy ending.

  • When two entrepreneurs in the fashion industry realized what was happening to the environment because of fast fashion, they knew that change was needed. And they wanted to be a part of it. Together, they wanted to find a way to create comfortable and stylish products while minimizing the negative ecological impact of textile products by creating a better process. And so KOKOLU was born.

    Founded in 2018, KOKOLU strives to protect the planet by making the most sustainable products to exist; products that originate from nature and can eventually integrate back into nature, therefore enhancing the harmonious coexistence of humans with and in nature.

    After years of exploration and innovation, their first launch was KOKOLU 1.0: a sleek velvet sneaker made out of 100% recycled and natural materials, the first of its kind. Made out of a bio-based outsole and an upper made from recycled plastic bottles (AKA our greensole®,) the shoe is made of corn starch, recycled foam, and recycled plastic water bottles, which, BTW, reduces oil consumption by 6 tons and reduces dioxide emission by 32 tons on its own. The outside fabric is made of Lyocell, a form of rayon that is made from recycled and bleached wood pulp. Basically, a greener cotton.

    When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, the loss and pain caused KOKOLU to reflect even deeper on their vision and intention. Nothing was going to stop them from making industry changes and helping preserve our vulnerable mother earth. By working with the world’s leading certified “green” supply chain partners and the most innovative manufacturers, KOKOLU upgraded it’s sneakers and bags to lower its carbon footprint even further. Now you can find bamboo fiber in the shoe upper, corn stalk fiber in the lining, beech tree fiber in the shoelaces, and even more renewable and recyclable materials in the outsole.

  • We know that change starts from the inside. That is why at KOKOLU, sustainability is the bare minimum. Our mission is to protect the earth by designing and producing biodegradable and recyclable products so that you can live a more sustainable lifestyle without having to sacrifice personal style. With KOKOLU’s most sustainable products yet to come, we invite you to help us lead and accelerate a truly eco-future for all of us.

    "We are fully aware of how the industry has affected the environment and that's why minimizing the negative ecological impact we have is and always has been our priority.“

    - Luanne, CEO and founder of KOKOLU