How To Style a Hoodie for 5 Different Occasions

How To Style a Hoodie for 5 Different Occasions

These days, hoodies are everywhere. With athleisure fashion trends on the rise, it’s easier than ever to style your favorite hoodie for virtually any occasion. 

You might associate your sweatshirts and hoodies with loungewear — AKA, a ‘fit that is strictly meant for comfort, not style. Thankfully, that mindset is super old-fashioned. With today’s trends, you can happily rock hoodies and sweatshirts anywhere you go. 

Whether you have a cute date coming up or have errands to run, there are many chic and easy ways to style your hoodie to feel cozy while staying fashionable. 

Keep reading to learn all about the ways you can style your hoodie and get ready to feel like an athleisure runway star!


The simplest way to style a hoodie is to layer it with other pieces. When you pair your sweatshirt with the perfect jacket or a shirt underneath, you can elevate your entire look. Sometimes, more really is more.

There are a handful of ways to easily layer your hoodie, so be sure to keep reading to pick the best style for you. 

Layer With Jackets

For those of us living in areas with chillier winters and falls, hoodies are the best option to stay warm while running errands or going for a quick coffee date. 

An easy way to look cool while staying warm is by layering with a leather jacket. Mimic your favorite celebrities’ leather jacket style, but add a casual and cozy twist by rocking a hoodie underneath. You will be able to showcase your edgy sensibilities and maximize your comfort. 

You can also opt for a jean jacket to layer. Oversized clothes are completely in right now, and you will look stylish and trendy when you pair your favorite hoodie with an oversized jean jacket. 

Turtlenecks Underneath

Another chic layering trick is rocking a turtleneck underneath your hoodie. This styling hack will keep you warm while you look cool.

A white turtleneck underneath an oversized crewneck hoodie is a must. Hilarious YouTuber and style icon Emma Chamberlain is a champion of layering hoodies with a turtleneck — use her as your style inspo and make this trend your own!

T-Shirts Underneath

Another great way to keep warm while adding a stylish flair to your look is by rocking a tee underneath your hoodie. Let the neckline of your t-shirt add a pop of color to your outfit when it pops out the top. 

Also, you can try styling your hoodie with a t-shirt by letting the shirt poke out on the bottom. This is a relatively new street style look, and you can be one of the first to try it out. Pairing your favorite sweatshirt with a larger tee underneath can add depth to your look and create a unique silhouette.

Graphic Hoodies

Everyone’s style is a little bit different, and it’s important to find ways to express yourself and show off your personality through your wardrobe — and you can’t go wrong with a cute graphic hoodie. 

Are you a music lover? Show off your love of music and pop culture with a stylish band hoodie. (Band hoodies are exactly like band tees, just in sweatshirt form instead.) Or maybe you’re a fan of cartoons or anime. If that is the case, you can find a stylish hoodie with your favorite characters plastered on the front to find other fans out and about. 

Even a simple solid-colored hoodie can show off your unique tastes if you choose something vibrant and totally you.

Graphic hoodies are an easy and stylish way to display your interests and hobbies. Style them up or down depending on your mood, and show off your cool athleisure fashion.

Dress It Up

Hoodies typically are more casual, but don’t be afraid to dress up your sweatshirt to create a more formal cozy outfit. 

An easy yet fashion-forward way to style your favorite hoodie is by pairing it with a flowy skirt. This look is perfect for a romantic autumn evening or any event where you want to prioritize comfort while looking presentable. 

A black crewneck hoodie combined with a midi-length floral skirt can be a cute and cozy ‘fit that will make everyone want to emulate your sense of style. Similarly, try pairing a cute graphic hoodie with a black midi or even a tennis skirt. The two contrasting garments will come together to produce a unique-but-chic outfit. 

Heels can elevate any look, even athleisure. If you’re feeling a hoodie but want an element of classy fashion to compensate, a pair of heels can go a long way. Whether you are rocking your hoodie with a skirt, a pair of jeans, or even sweatpants, a pair of heels will make your athleisure ‘fit runway-ready!


Accessorizing elevates every outfit, regardless of what you’re wearing. So, naturally, an easy way to show off your favorite hoodie and still look fashionable is by accessorizing! 

There are countless ways to accessorize and show off your unique fashion sense, but we suggest any of the following methods to dress up your sweatshirt. 

Add a Scarf

For those chilly autumn or winter days where you want to wear your hoodie out and about, you can easily keep warm (and improve your overall look) by adding a scarf into the mix. 

A large infinity scarf will emphasize the element of comfort while also adding a sense of drama with its oversized length. If you’re more of a minimalist, grab a solid-colored skinny scarf. That way, your neck will stay warm, and your scarf will add a subtle, pretty pop of color. 

Add Jewelry 

No outfit is complete without a little jewelry, and your hoodie will look oh-so-chic with the perfect pieces. 

For earrings, we recommend grabbing your favorite pair of gold or silver hoops to wear alongside a hoodie. Hoops are subtly and effortlessly chic, and they can be worn casually to enhance your style. 

Necklaces are a great opportunity to add some classy style along with your coziest hoodie, too. Layering necklaces with light gold or silver chains will add depth to the look. A pretty pendant necklace would be a perfect addition as well. 

Rings are a great opportunity to dress up any outfit, so we recommend grabbing a few of your favorites to finish off the look. 

Frankly, jewelry is so versatile and classy that it’ll look awesome regardless of how you style it. Whether you want to rock pearls or wear an eccentric pair of earrings, your jewelry will look beautiful alongside your favorite hoodie. 

Add a Bag

Bags are necessary for any errand and provide the perfect opportunity to accessorize. 

If you have a reliable black purse, it is guaranteed to look stylish alongside your hoodie. A nicer purse will add a classier element to the look without overpowering it — and that subtle flex will perfectly complement the casual nature of your sweatshirt.

You don’t have to rock a designer bag to accessorize, however. Tote bags are extremely trendy right now, and a stylish eco-friendly tote bag would complete your casual, stylish attire.

Sporty Chic

Finally, try leaning into the athleisure trend and conjure up the perfect sporty chic outfit with your hoodie!

Pairing your hoodie with a matching pair of sweats and a comfortable pair of eco-friendly sneakers is an easy, trendy, and stylish way to dress your hoodie up. As casual as sweatsuits may seem, they can actually be quite stylish, and the matching element will demonstrate that you are put together and fashionable. 

You can opt for a more feminine but sporty approach to the hoodie by pairing it with a tennis skirt and a pair of Comfort Knit Sneakers. The skirt adds a flirty element to the outfit while still helping you look athletic and stylish. 

Black leggings or yoga pants can be the perfect bottoms to pair with your hoodie. You could even choose to wear biking shorts instead and go for the iconic Princess Diana approach to athleisure

Hoodie Chic

Hoodies are so much more than just cozy, casual attire. Though they certainly are cozy and can be worn casually, there are countless ways to style your favorite hoodie and put together the perfect athletic look. 

Whether you are a fan of layering or want to dress your hoodie up with a beautiful skirt, there are endless opportunities to create the perfect, chic outfit with a sweatshirt. Try out our favorite styles, and elevate your hoodie fashion today!



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