How To Style a Tote Bag for a Sunny Day Out

How To Style a Tote Bag for a Sunny Day Out

In case you didn’t know, it's official — the tote bag is in. With its long, storied history, the tote bag is not only practical and low-maintenance but versatile and stylish.

Walking down the street with your outfit fully coordinated is, let's face it, one of the best feelings in the world. Here we want to give you the best guide possible for creating those on-point sunny looks for the days ahead. Whether it's super cool and casual or fun and flirty, a tote bag goes great with countless looks, especially in the sunshine.

Start With Your Staples!

As with anything in the world of fits, it's always good to have an awesome foundation. And the wardrobe staples for sunny days are the place to start. Go on, take a look at the clothes you’ve got and what looks great already.

Here are some of the wardrobe essentials everyone should have, which work with every season, which is super important if you’re trying to flex your personality for a sunny day.

  • A chic pair of white sneakers
  • Well-fitting denim pants
  • a solid white or black top

Together, these basics, plus a tote bag, make for an outfit that can’t be beat. It’s a timeless look with flexibility for anything the day throws your way.

Want a little more guidance for utilizing the tote bag? Here’s a bit of reassurance. However you wear it, it's going to look great, either over the shoulder or in hand.

Perhaps Less Is More Your Style?

When you take a step back in the mirror, away from some wardrobe staples everyone might have in their arsenal, you need to ask the question: “What screams me?”

If you’re known for keeping things reserved and sophisticated on sunny days out, why not liven up that routine with the addition of an unexpected break in your look? Say, a tote bag in a complementary color?

If you tend towards monochromatic looks, an oversized white tee along with some black pants, shorts, or a skirt is the perfect combo. It keeps things breezy and shiny as your days roll by and you walk the streets with a silver tote bag. That ultra-lightweight t-shirt and the fabric tote are sure to be easy pieces to carry, whatever busy things you get up to.

Hang Loose!

It’s a sunny day, and that means taking in some of that wonderful warmth! Enjoy that sun on your skin (but don't forget your sunscreen) and the brightness of the day everywhere you go. After all, that heat will last allllll day.

No need for discomfort on your sunny day. Skip the feeling of pinching, chafing, and general discomfort in the sun with a bit of looseness!

Loose, flowing clothing not only feels great on your skin but also looks great with a light, airy tote bag to boot! For a bit of boho influence, pair a long, loose dress with some comfy sandals, and walk around feeling breezy and chill for that sunny day.

Try some linen or seersucker fabric to really lighten your outfit. It’s always a great breezy option!

Embrace the Color

What about making a statement, making a splash as you strut and show your stuff? Making an outfit on a sunny day all about color is definitely a bold move. Structuring an entire outfit around one color makes a definite impression wherever you go. What better way to tie it all together than using your tote bag as the inspiration?

Perhaps a cute barbie pink tote could offer that pop that makes the day revolve around you! Pairing that wonderful pink tote with a mini wrap shirt dress could definitely make that splash you’re looking for.

A Little Prep in Your Step

Maybe on a sunny day, you don’t want to go all out with color. Perhaps you want to show a different side while you’re enjoying the beautiful weather. Well, the prep style is here for you!

Taking inspiration from the 1980s and early 1990s, nothing will better complement a beautiful polo shirt and some preppy beige bottoms than a stylish tote bag that looks timeless!

A Professional Day Out

And the flip side to a preppy look is, of course, the professional outfit! Just because it’s a sunny day doesn’t mean there isn’t business to take care of.

What’s a better all-purpose item for your business-ready look of nice trousers and a flirty blouse or button-up shirt than a tote bag that shows you’ve got more sides to you outside the office? Bust out a cable-knit sweater and some high-waisted pants to really knock the outfit into the professional prep combo!

A Little Androgyny Never Hurts!

Perhaps you don’t fit into one camp, so to speak, presentation-wise. In that case, hide that silhouette with wide-legged pants and a button-up shirt with a camp collar so that you can feel your best, whatever that means to you.

Soft fabrics that can hang and drape are essential. Of course, with a stylish tote bag, you can walk down the street anywhere you go with the certainty that you look not just handsome, but also wonderful and beautiful.

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses!

Nothing is more classic on a warmer day out than a great dress to stretch your legs and feel the sun. Whether it’s tight or loose-fitting, a dress accompanies any tote bag we have with an unmatchable style and presence on the street.

Find your own comfortability and passion. Each step you take in a stylish dress with a perfect tote bag is all you need on a summer day. From our experience, we can’t recommend it enough!

Pair that with a wonderful pair of flats to stay light on your feet, or make it sporty with some airy sneaks.

Flower Power All Year Round

Why not take a cue from the sunshine and a helping hand from Mother Nature? Incorporate some of the wonderful designs on nature through the flower or animal patterns you already have in your arsenal. A floral dress or jungle print pants that can help you thrive and bloom in the sun is a must!

Pairing such a fun, natural look with an equally bright and vibrant tote bag makes the whole ensemble stronger and leaves an impression with a special light!

Flirty and Thriving

With the sun comes liberation, and that means not being shy to let a little skin show! Let those shoulders, backs, and chests breathe!

Being comfortable and playful with your tote (and the rest of your outfit) is all you need on a lunch date (or wherever you’re trying to turn heads). Some tight-fitting clothing along with eye-catching bottoms like a short skirt or shorts and some thin gold jewelry will turn heads and have jaws dropping for all the right reasons.

Where to Next?

Well, with what we’ve covered today, we hope we’ve given you all you need to maximize your sunny day out. The sunshine has a huge range of benefits, and we want to spend as much time in it as possible. So an outfit that can beat the heat and give us comfort and accessibility (to all our important stuff) is a must.

Whether it’s a simple look that relies on the basics in any wardrobe, or an androgynous look guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd, one thing remains the same: the importance and ease of the tote bag in styling for your sunny day.

With a tote bag, you get not only an accessory that serves an important function but a lynchpin in so many outfits that’ll have you looking the absolute best, whatever look you choose. So go on, try out any of these looks and have fun with what you and that wonderful tote bring when the sun is out and about!


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