Luxe Casual Brand KOKOLU Makes Glamorous Entrance To The US Market With Its Eco-Friendly Velvet Sneakers For Women

Luxe Casual Brand KOKOLU Makes Glamorous Entrance To The US Market With Its Eco-Friendly Velvet Sneakers For Women

KOKOLU launched its first pair of chic-looking velvet sneakers, bringing diversity to the women's casual shoes market.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, AMERICA, March 29, 2021 -- Being a brand that is committed to promoting a comfortable and eco-friendly lifestyle, KOKOLU has always wanted to deliver women this comfort and responsibility, beautifully, to inspire self-confidence and appreciation.

“Personally, I love wearing sneakers, but as a career woman, I also want to look professional. The market research we conducted reveals that what is currently available on the market to consumers is either too casual, and not fit for a professional setting, or too masculine, and doesn’t compliment or highlight a woman’s feminine side.”, says Luanne, founder, and CEO of the brand.




Founded in 2018, the company spent 6 months designing and polishing their first pair of velvet sneakers, 4 months testing products on a small-scale market, and another 6 months updating materials. Now over 60% of their shoe is made from eco-friendly materials, and their patented greenKsoleTM outsole is used in their entire series.

“Never Sacrifice Nature. That has been our guiding intent since the very beginning, it is what lead us in the selecting of our material suppliers and it has guided us through the design of every single series.” Luanne added.

Being a pioneer brand in environmental protection, the company plans to realize use of 100% eco-friendly materials for all products, including its sneakers, slippers, activewear, and bags, by 2023.

According to the company’s most recent press release, a 100% biodegradable shoe will come to market early next year.

Chief Product Director and brand co-founder, Lucas Tan, says, “Our biodegradable shoe upper will turn into water and carbon dioxide in compost within 14 weeks and the outsole will breakdown the same within a year. Our ultimate goal is to become carbon neutral. It’s not only what the customer wants, but it’s also what’s right for the earth and it’s what’s we believe is right as a brand.”

The COVID pandemic has changed many people’s lives around the globe, Comprar Acciones estimates the casual and sports shoes and clothing markets to grow to 465.5 billion in the next two years. Without a doubt, there is a growing need for casual luxury shoes designed for women.




“We provide women the most comfortable but at the same time chic-looking shoes.”, says Luanne. Velvet Sneakers are a beautiful corroboration of contrast that perfectly demonstrates the brand's pursuit of promoting the new casual luxury lifestyle.” Women’s feet have suffered enough in the past, we deserve better! KOKOLU makes better shoes, and I mean all-around better shoes for women. We don't compromise on comfort, we don't compromise the environments, and we don't compromise on beauty.”

Visit the company’s website and see more of its stunning and responsible products.

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