5 Work-From-Home Outfits That Are Stylish and Comfy

5 Work-From-Home Outfits That Are Stylish and Comfy

All of us had to make that awkward transition to the work-from-home lifestyle back in 2020 when the pandemic first hit the states, but two years later the workforce continues to prioritize remote methods

For some of us, working from home might be more convenient than commuting to an office every single day, and it has the added benefit of being more eco-friendly. However, a major downside to the WFH switch is the lost fashion opportunities. 

If you love all things fashion and expressing yourself through your clothes, it can be tough finding cute outfits to rock on your next Zoom call from home. 

We are here to help alleviate your remote fashion blues and curate some cozy, but chic styles to wear when you work from home. Read on and choose from some stylishly comfy fits to rock at your next remote meeting. 

1. Matching Knit Sets 

Comfort should be a top priority when it comes to work-from-home fashion, and with a matching set, you are guaranteed to feel cozy while staying productive. 

Knit sets can take several different forms. For instance, if you like to keep your house or apartment warm, you might want to invest in a set that comes with knit shorts and a sweater top. A sweater will keep you looking chic and professional, while the knit shorts allow some breeze to flow through. Besides, if you get chilly you can always add more clothes. 

You can also opt for a knit set of a turtleneck sweater and knit flowy pants. You will feel like you are wearing pajamas at the office, while still looking work appropriate. Turtlenecks are great for remote fashion. They are nice and cozy, but also have that conservative stylish element to them that makes them the best kind of top to show off during your next video call. 

Some knit sets even come with short-sleeved pairs, so whatever your comfort level is and the kind of atmosphere your workplace has, there is going to be the right matching knit set for you. 

Many of these sets come in playful colors and unique patterns, but to keep it more refined and professional, we recommend sticking to more neutral colors and earth tones. Unless you know your employers are cool with eccentric outfits, it is always better to play it safe with shades like beige, charcoal, or even light shades of green. 

Matching Sets Always Work

It is a great versatile work-from-home style because the moment it is time for you to power off your computer and start relaxing, you can transition from your desk to the couch without an outfit change. Your matching knit set will be the perfect outfit to rock while being productive, and catching up on the latest episode of The Bachelor. 

Knitwear is inherently cozy, but also makes you look coordinated and well put together. Although all it takes is throwing on your coziest loungewear, matching knit sets make you look professional and like you’ve put a lot of effort into your workday outfit. 

Stay cozy and chic when you rock a matching knit set from your at-home office. 

2. Bodysuit With Sweatpants 

One of the best perks about working from home is that you are only visible from the torso up, meaning anything is fair game when it comes to pants. Sure, you can keep it classy and wear slacks or jeans, or you can take the comfy route and rock some sweatpants with a stylish ensemble on top. 

One of the best work-from-home fashion combinations is a bodysuit with sweatpants. Bodysuits are simple garments: they are basic, comfortable, and versatile, which makes them a work-from-home homerun! Since this is a workday, you should definitely opt for bodysuits that are more conservative in nature. Despite the garment covering most of your torso, it will still cling to your body and compliment your figure, leaving you feeling cozy and confident while you take on the working day. 

Another bodysuit benefit is how easy to style they are. Assuming you will be wearing a solid shade, or a very minimalistic pattern like stripes or flowers, it is simple to style button-up shirts, nicer flannels, light jackets, and sweaters with a bodysuit to really tie the outfit together. 

If you have an important presentation to give, you might wear a black or navy blue blazer with a white bodysuit, and have a sneaky pair of sweats on below the camera. For a more casual day of work, opt for a cute flannel top for layering, or a cardigan sweater. 

However you choose to layer your bodysuit, you are guaranteed to look cute and work-appropriate while feeling nice and cozy. 

3. Monochromatic Outfits

There is something about a matching, cohesive outfit that makes people look more sophisticated and well put together. When you wear a monochromatic outfit, even one that consists of nothing but sweats, you will find yourself looking coordinated and stylish all while prioritizing your comfort. 

If you want to go full-blown cozy, you should try out a matching sweatsuit. Shades of sweatshirts and pants like white, beige, and brown are the perfect neutrals. They are not too bright or distracting, they are flattering on everyone, and they work extremely well in a professional environment; even if that environment exists through a screen. 

If you go the sweats route, you might want to opt for this on a day when you won’t be on camera. The coordinated, matching nature of the outfit will make you feel put together, despite the fact that you are wearing something cozy and casual. 

Even if you are on camera, a monochromatic outfit can look excellent depending on what the top is. For instance, a crew neck sweatshirt is comfy but unassuming, making for a perfectly acceptable WFH garment. You can also try rocking a pullover sweater or even a cardigan for your monochromatic moment. 

However you go about your monochromatic style, as long as you wear shades and garments that are comfy and work-appropriate, you will look and feel ready for a day of remote work. 

4. White Fitted Long Sleeve With Leggings 

Athleisure is in right now, and you can make the style work for your WFH fashion. 

Leggings are an athleisure staple piece and have especially blown up over the past couple of decades. They are typically made from spandex, which tends to be a fabric that is flexible, form-fitting, and comfy. 

The comfort element is reason enough to wear leggings for the base of your work-from-home outfit. It does, however, have the added benefit of being easy to pair clothes with. 

You will have an especially easy time finding the perfect clothes to match your bottoms if you are a black leggings aficionado. That being said, however, you can also rock some colorful leggings or fun patterned leggings to add some character to your outfit that you will get to enjoy! 

For a day of remote working and video conferences, it is best to play it safe and keep it basic with a fitted white long sleeve. 

With form-fitting leggings and fitted long sleeves, your clothes will hug your figure in all the right places making you feel comfy and confident at your home desk. The shade of white is ideal for remote work because it is simple but classic; it matches everything easily and will make you look good on camera. 

The cherry on top of this WFH outfit is its versatility. You will already be dressed to do some at-home workouts when you are done with work, or you can cozy up on the couch to unwind after a long day. 

5. Sweatpants, Tank Top, and Cardigan

No garment screams cozy chic quite like a nice cardigan. Cardigans require low effort and hardly any planning to make an outfit look cute and professional. Pair a cardigan with a stylish, solid tank top underneath and some comfy sweats to create the ultimate work-from-home outfit. 

Minimal effort goes into this outfit; in fact, you can practically roll out of bed and look ready for the working day in five minutes with this quick ensemble. The best part? No one will even know how cozy you actually are. 

When you are on camera, only the top half of your body is showing, so have a free for all and rock your softest, coziest sweats while you grind on your laptop. 

Be bold and rock a groutfit when you wear a gray cardigan with a pair of gray sweats below. No one will be able to see the gray-on-gray fashion taboo anyways! Or, keep it classy and simple with a nice beige cardigan. 

No matter what shade you wear, you will look professional and feel cozy when you don a cardigan with sweats. 

Work From Home in Style

Who says comfort and style aren’t related? When you work from home, you should make yourself as comfortable as possible, while still making yourself look professional, put together, and stylish. 

With any of the above WFH outfit suggestions, you will look and feel your best while being productive remotely. 



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