Comfy Clothes To Wear at Home for a Relaxing Day In

Comfy Clothes To Wear at Home for a Relaxing Day In

Life can be exhausting. Maintaining work, families, and a vibrant social life requires a lot of effort. It’s crucial for your mental and physical well-being to set aside days to stay in and relax at home. And while you are at home relaxing, you should be rocking cute and comfortable clothes.

Sometimes the clothes you wear can make or break your mini staycation. If you don’t feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, you’ll have a harder time relaxing — trust us.

You need to make the most of your R&R, so you’ve got to make sure your wardrobe is up to par!

With athleisure and loungewear trends on the rise, there is no shortage of comfortable clothes out there. We have curated some of our favorite comfy garments to rock on those much-needed days in that we think you will love. 

Keep reading to learn all about the best comfortable clothes on the market, and prepare to get cozy for your day of rest and relaxation. 

Athleisure Must-Haves

Streetwear fashion these days is all about athleisure. Essentially, athleisure is a buzzword for clothes that are comfortable and suitable for athletic activities while being cute and stylish enough to wear for virtually any occasion. 

Countless garments can fall under the umbrella of athleisure, but there are a few staples in particular that would be perfect for a chill and relaxing day at home. Continue on for the best trendy athleisure picks to rock on your day off. 


No closet is complete without at least one solid pair of leggings.

Perfect for exercise, running errands, working, or just lounging around, leggings are about as comfy as you can get. Leggings are form-fitting elastic pants, sometimes also known as tights or leg warmers. 

Leggings have become extremely popular in streetwear over the past decade, and they’ve made quite a lasting impact. Especially while living through a pandemic and working from home, we have grown to appreciate the importance of comfort and style coming together. Leggings are the perfect representation of this new, comfort-driven fashion movement. 

Different retailers sell many variations of leggings, so there is something for every style. If you are nostalgic for the early 2000s, rock yoga pants on your day in. If you want to embrace your bold style while ensuring maximum comfort, secure a pair of bright or patterned leggings that are totally you

Whatever style of legging you choose to lounge on the couch, you will feel cute and cozy all day long. 

Matching Tracksuit

Matching tracksuits are back in style and better than ever! Keep your outfit cute and coordinated while prioritizing your comfort. 

Another nostalgic athleisure staple, tracksuits are a comfy-but-fun option to wear at home. Plus, you have the added benefit of feeling like an early 2000s icon (or a TikTok star, if that’s what you’re into). 

Anyone who was anyone donned matching Juicy Couture Tracksuits back in the day. Now that they’re back in style, you can create a playful ode to 2007 while lounging around at home all day. 

If your style leans more towards the athletic side, grab yourself a matching Adidas tracksuit and look like you are about to run a marathon on your big day off. 

Whatever style of tracksuit you end up choosing, you will look put together and stylish while also feeling extremely comfortable enjoying your day at home. 

Comfortable Sneakers

Not everyone’s relaxing days at home will look the same. If doing some much-needed household chores or getting some at-home exercise is your form of relaxation, you will absolutely need a comfortable pair of sneakers. 

Sneakers are one of the biggest players in the athleisure streetwear scene. People used to strictly wear sneakers for walks or sports, but now you can pair them with a cute dress, your casual day-to-day wardrobe, and even your professional attire. They can also be a staple piece for a relaxing day in or a collector’s item for the truly invested.

If you want to be productive during your comfy day at home, you might find a pair of sneakers is the way to go. If you want to take advantage of your backyard or work on your garden, sneakers will definitely be a necessity. 

We recommend going the sustainable comfy route with a pair of Comfort Knit Sneakers. Whether you choose yellow, white, or baby blue, these sneakers will add some style to your cozy wardrobe. KOKOLU products are made sustainably from recycled plastics and materials, so though you are indulging on a day at home, you can feel proud of your eco-friendly style. 

You can’t go wrong with a comfy pair of sneakers, and they might be just the piece to elevate your chillest outfit. 

Sweatpants Are a Must

Sweats are an interesting article of clothing because they can fall under the category of athleisure or even sleepwear. However you choose to classify sweatpants, there is no denying that they are a day-off necessity. 

If you plan on spending your day lounging around on the couch, munching on snacks, and catching up on the latest episodes of your favorite show, sweatpants are the clothing choice for you. 

Sweatpants are simply designed to maximize comfort. They are loose-fitting with elastic waists that can be tightened or loosened at your discretion. They are made from the softest fabrics to keep you warm and cozy, and better yet, they are flexible enough for you to move around easily. 

If you plan on having a relaxing, lazy day at home, you absolutely need a pair (or two) of sweatpants.

Cozy Nightgowns 

You don’t need to lose sight of your individual fashion sense during your day off. For instance, if your sense of style leans more feminine and flowy, grab a cute nightgown to rock around the house. 

If you gave into the cottagecore craze of the early pandemic, you will absolutely fall in love with vintage nightgowns. They will make you feel like you just stepped into your cottage in the woods, where you spend your days gardening and baking to your heart’s content. 

If you choose to thrift your nightgown, not only will you get to live out your Victorian, cottagecore fantasies, but you will also rest easy knowing that you made a more sustainable fashion decision. Buying new clothes is unavoidable, but if you can thrift a cozy nightgown, the environment will be grateful to you. 

Nightgowns are underrated loungewear. They are comfortable, stylish, and mean that you don’t need to wear pants — and nothing is cozier than that. 

Graphic Tees: Style and Comfort

Graphic t-shirts have dominated the fashion industry over the past several decades. If you’re anything like us, that means you likely have a giant stash of tees that you have collected over the years hiding in your closet.

If this is the case, feel free to dust those t-shirts off and put them to good use during your relaxing day at home. 

T-shirts are extremely versatile. They can be styled in so many different ways, making them appropriate for many kinds of occasions. Though no matter how you style a graphic tee, it will fit comfortably either way. 

Perhaps you have a collection of band shirts that you have acquired at various merch tables at concerts. Consider paying homage to your favorite band in your comfy concert tee. 

Are you big into the current trend of oversized clothes? If so, then an oversized graphic t-shirt will be the perfect garment to rock while you spend a day relaxing. 

T-shirts have been around since the early 1900s and have never left — probably because it is universally acknowledged that they are the most comfortable casual piece of clothing around. Whatever style of graphic tee you can fish out of your closet will be the perfect garment to wear on your relaxing day at home. 

Cozy Necessities

Days off can be rare, and when they come, we all need to take full advantage of them. The best way to make the most of a relaxing day at home is with a comfortable wardrobe to choose from. 

Whether you just want to lounge around in sweats all day or want to be productive around the house while remaining cozy, you will not go wrong with any of the clothes mentioned above. Take care of yourself and prioritize your comfort with this guide to comfy clothes to wear at home during your chill day at home. 



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