Sirmione Series satisfies every desire in a shoe. Casual and comfortable for hanging out with friends or jogging alone and chic and fashionable for work or shopping downtown. This pair makes you stand out on every occasion. Made from recycled plastic bottles, Sirmione Series transforms waste into wealth, making every step you take a low-carbon footprint. Our new fit sculpts to your feet, breathes as you move, and is a comfortable statement of values.

Core Design Features

  • 100% of the knit upper is made of recycled plastic bottles
  • Supportive insole made from corn starch and recycled foam
  • Bio-based greenKsoleTM outsole 
  • Signature KrushTM velvet laces made from 1 recycled plastic bottle
  • Slip on&off K-Zipper on the side
  • Breathable, soft, and skin-friendly
  • One pair for multiple occasions