What To Put in a Tote Bag 8 Tips for Everyday Use

What To Put in a Tote Bag 8 Tips for Everyday Use

The tote bag is essential for your day-to-day lifestyle. It's not just completely stylish — it's also a functional piece in any outfit. But what do you bring along on a normal day? After all, a tote bag is meant for storage, and we have items we need to carry with us.

So here's a list of tote bag essentials, plus items you can add to be stylish and prepared no matter what the day brings.

The Essentials

Now, there are just some things that you cannot live without. Things you just need. Essentials like these are the foundations of our day.

Your phone, wallet, and keys are automatic additions to your tote bag. However, another often-overlooked essential is the water bottle. This is crucial for staying hydrated and feeling like your best self all day long. However, it's incredible how many people forget to include this essential.

With a good-sized tote, you'll have plenty of room inside for all these must-have items as well as anything else you can think of. And if you can't think of anything else to add — well, that's why we made this list! See what other fab items you should be adding to your tote.

We Don't Want an Empty Stomach

Now, there's nothing wrong with taking out your wallet and buying some food and snacks. But with that roomy tote bag you've got, you might as well stock up for whenever cravings arrive. A small bag full of snacks is perfect for those in-between moments in a busy schedule. 

Here are some snacks we'd recommend! 

  • Pretzels offer a tasty blend of savory and salty.
  • Looking for something a little greener? Cucumber slices, fresh peppers, or carrots are quick snacks to pack.
  • Apple slices are a sweet and delicious option with some satisfying crunch. From Granny Smith to Red Delicious, you can't go wrong with this choice!

A Small Notebook

Whether it's an adventure out and about or a day at the office, a small notebook will always come in handy. At work, they’re a great place to take meeting notes or even doodle (you’ve gotta stay awake somehow), and it looks a lot better than sending DMs on your phone. 

If you're creative, a small notebook or journal is excellent in a tote bag because you never know when that inspirational spark will light. With a notebook, you can jot down your design, get out that poem, or note your incredible book idea.

 Here are some other great uses for a notebook or journal.

  • Making a to-do list for errands around town
  • Journal about your day. This can be a great way to relieve stress and get your thoughts out
  • Find yourself needing to jot down a recommendation from a friend for some great sneakers? Really let that information stick by writing it down!

A Little Maintenance To Stay Stylish!

Even as the day goes by, you still want to keep looking your best. A tote bag is an ideal place to store small beauty items that can help you maintain your look.

Do your hands get dry? Pop a container of moisturizer in that tote! Worried about all of those icky surfaces around you? A small bottle of hand sanitizer comes in handy more than you'd think! Concerned you're losing some of your morning luster? A little spritz of perfume or cologne is just the thing to feel fresh and fabulous!

Accessorize O'Clock

But a tote isn't just for those moments of inspiration or maintenance. It's also a handy accessory to carry any additional outfit upgrades you may need throughout the day.

A pair of sunglasses, a hat, or even a change of shoes give your look that personal edge, along with your stylish tote. Sunglasses especially come in handy if the day brightens up. You can add an extra layer of protection while seamlessly looking sexy and stylish. 

Carrying that extra pair of shoes might seem like a lot. However, when your day moves from work to play, going from dull flats to colorful, stylish sneakers is just the change for after hours!

Hair Day, All Day

Hair items are another addition to any tote bag! Break out those hair ties, scrunchies, and hair clips to maintain your hairstyle, or keep them nearby for a quick change-up. You can use hair clips to manage your beautiful curls and waves while being on trend this season. On the other hand, hair ties and hair clips lend a more practical edge to the activities you've got planned ahead!

By keeping them in your tote, you can style yourself to match any occasion. It also keeps your outfit looking chic without your hair accessories on your wrist or clipped to your clothes.

Running Errands? A Cinch!

Maybe you're looking to get stuff done and handle a few errands today? Well, then no need for a plastic or paper grocery bag. That tote bag is all you need to help handle your shopping. 

Why trust some flimsy plastic thing when you've got a large, well-built tote bag with a wide, roomy bottom and comfortable handle in your reach? Vegetables, fruits, meats, snacks, and whatever else you need to pick up can fit snugly and securely in your tote! 

Downtime Station

During the moments you have to yourself, you may not want your tote to be filled with accessories and notebooks. You want to chill and feel free to be you in all your glory. This is the perfect time to fill your tote with relaxing items, like a good book, a towel for the beach, or even a mat for your afternoon yoga session.

Maybe you relax differently. You just want to Netflix and chill at a cafe. Pack your tablet and your charger, and you're ready to go! If you're more of a creative type, then a notebook with some pencils or pastels could give you that creative space!

Your Tote Bag Playbook

We hope this list will help you pack your tote to the max and realize just how much they can fit. Your tote bag is just as versatile as you are, and if you let it, it can help you shape your day!

With your tote, you'll have the perfect stylish container for everything you need, and you'll have all the style coming your way as you've got what you need.

A tote bag is an essential part of any good wardrobe and outfit. With KOKOLU tote bags, your style is always on point and you never have to worry about missing any of your daily must-haves! 


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