8 Perfect Uses for Your Eco-Friendly KOKOLU Daily Eight Tote Bag

8 Perfect Uses for Your Eco-Friendly KOKOLU Daily Eight Tote Bag


Okay, so you’ve either already grabbed your KOKOLU Daily Eight Tote or you’re about to get one. We’ll be the first to let you know that this tote provides a lot of benefits. Whether it’s the ability to choose whatever color you feel fits you best, the fact that it’s made out of 100% eco-friendly recycled materials, or the lightweight and versatile appeal of the tote, we have a couple of ideas where your tote can totally come in handy.


1. Grocery Shopping

The tote is perfect for running errands, especially at the grocery store. You’re already using a sustainable tote, so why not use it as a substitute for regular plastic grocery bags. Standard grocery bags are littering the planet and because they take up to 1,000 years to degrade (and not even fully), they end up hurting the environment and habitats in the long run. Unlike typical reusable shopping bags that are usually chunky and rough on the shoulders. The spacious and lightweight feel of your tote won’t drag you down as you shop. 

Tote bag

2. Picnics 

Spending time outside on a clear day is a perfect way to relax and decompress, add food to the mix and you’ve got yourself a picnic! This tote can definitely brighten up the vibe and is big enough to hold your favorite foods and drinks for the occasion. Whether it’s a date, a bestie brunch, or a solo day out, bring this tote with you and make the perfect picnic.

3. Beach

Everyone needs a perfect tote for a beach or pool day, and we’ve got you covered! This durable nylon-like tote can hold all your essentials AND MORE. Carrying all of the important things like sunscreen, a towel, sunglasses, a water bottle, a snack, and even a good book. You never need to worry when you have this stylish tote on your shoulder.

Tote bag

4. Thrifting

This tote can also be your best friend when thrifting. We love the idea of shopping second-hand to revamp clothes to be brand new for your closet. Not only is it more affordable to thrift but it’s good for the environment too. Unwanted clothes usually end up in landfills and end up producing millions of tons of textile waste a year. Through shopping from thrift stores you’re reducing waste, and what better bag to bring than a KOKOLU tote?


5. Flower Shopping

It’s time you’ve treated yourself with flowers because who doesn’t love flowers? Our tote can really bring life to whatever flower calls your name. The lightweight flexibility of the tote will be perfect for carrying delicate flowers from the store all the way to its new home.


6. Gym

We know that working out can be tough, but with a great playlist to get you pumped, a cute outfit to make you feel confident, and a bold gym bag to make you feel prepared— you’re absolutely going to kill it! A key thing to remember is that you’re working out for you and you only. Do what you’re comfortable with and what your body is comfortable with. Our durable tote can hold all of your needs ranging from water bottles and headphones to ankle weights and elastic bands. Let this tote help you on your journey! 


7. School/Work

The versatility of the tote offers the ability to create different looks with it. You can opt for corporate casual for work or simple chic for school. Either way, you’ll have plenty of space to carry everything you need for a productive day. Working hard can be difficult to get through, but a bold and bright tote looking back at you can definitely boost your mood. Especially if you remember you look dazzling with the tote!

Tote bag

8. Every Day!

Okay, so this isn’t an “official” eighth idea, but that’s the point. The versatility of the tote lets you decided how, when, and where you want to rock it. No matter how you use it, just know that by shopping with KOKOLU, you’re supporting sustainable and eco-friendly practices. And better yet, you’re contributing to helping us make the world a better place. With each purchase we plant a tree, making us take the necessary steps to better our planet. You can take the step too, by taking your KOKOLU Daily Eight Tote bag on the go.