Inspired by Nature's True Palette

Despite being a source of joy and creativity for many, the fashion industry is one of the world’s largest contributors to global warming. Not only are millions of tons of textiles ending up in landfills, the entire industry wastes a crazy amount of energy and natural resources making these goods. It sounds bleak, but we’re envisioning a much brighter future!

  • 2018

    When two entrepreneurs in the fashion industry realized what was happening to the environment because of fast fashion, they knew that change was needed and they wanted to be part of it. Together, they wanted to create comfortable, stylish products and minimize ecological impact by creating a better process. Thus, KOKOLU was born.

    Founded in 2018, KOKOLU strives to protect the earth by making the most sustainable products available, products that originate from the natural world and can eventually integrate back into it, allowing humankind to exist more harmoniously with nature. After years of testing and innovation, our first launch was KOKOLU 1.0, a sleek velvet sneaker made out of 100% recycled and natural materials, the first of its kind.


    When the pandemic hit in 2020, we at KOKOLU reflected even deeper on our original vision. We knew that nothing was going to stop us from making changes in the industry and helping to preserve our precious mother earth. By working with the world’s leading certified “green” supply chain partners and the most innovative manufacturers, we’ve upgraded our line of sneakers and bags to lower our carbon footprint even further. Now you can find bamboo fiber in the shoe upper, corn stalk fiber in the lining, beech tree fiber in the shoelaces, and even more renewable and recyclable materials throughout.