How Should Sneakers Fit: 6 Tips for Choosing a Size

How Should Sneakers Fit: 6 Tips for Choosing a Size

Any time you're looking at stylish pair of potential new sneakers, the first thing you probably do is check how they fit. This is absolutely essential because let's face it — nothing's worse than a shoe that's too roomy or too tight on your feet. 

The blisters, calluses, and other problems that pop up with poorly fitting shoes are no fun. Usually, we all strive to avoid them (because, ouch, do they hurt!) However, if you don't know where to start, finding the right size and fit can seem a bit hopeless. 

But don't you worry, because KOKOLU is here with all the tips you need to choose the right size of the sneakers you've got your eye on. 

Feel free to come back and consult these tips any time you need a refresher on what to look for when buying your next favorite kicks!

But Where To Start When Choosing Sneakers?

Sneakers can be a bit tricky to get right. Depending upon the brand and style, they can be made of materials with different levels of stretch and can provide different levels of comfort. 

However, the emphasis for sneakers should always be on comfortability — they're basically a shoe made to keep your feet happy all day! So to get an idea of the right size, let's start off with what size we're wearing now. 

We can use that for our fitting needs. Now determining our shoe size should be a cinch, and we've got two important factors to consider when we're doing this — length and width. 

Everyone's feet are unique, no matter how similar they might appear to be. By knowing those two essential measurements, you'll be golden for the next few steps!

Measuring Up!

To find your measurements, you can always go to a store and try out that little metal measuring device. Otherwise, you can ask one of the salespeople to measure your foot for you (and try to ignore any Cinderella moments you may end up feeling). 

However, if you don't like people touching your feet, you can always use our in-depth guide on how to measure at home. We're all about securing you the most accurate size you need. 

Before you get measuring happy, we've got a few tips to get the most accurate measurements possible.

  • Make sure your weight is evenly distributed on each foot. It seems like an obvious thing, but many people tend to favor one side over the other. 
  • Make sure to relax and be standing on even ground for the measurements. Feet adapt to the surface they're on, so the uneven ground may affect your measurements.

Now that we've got those out of the way, we can get to work finding the perfect fit for you. Let's look at some of the finer details to get you the sneakers of your dreams — a pair that is both comfy and functional.

Sneaker Type?

Not all sneakers are made the same! Running sneakers, casual sneakers, and basketball sneakers all have some quirks you need to be aware of when finding that perfect fit. 

Running shoes and really casual sneakers will have a roomier fit because they're meant to stretch as the day goes on. However, more upscale and dressier kicks are the opposite. With that uptown funk or Pretty Woman boutique feel comes unique sizing, so you may spend a little more time in these places getting the perfect fit.

Other sneakers are meant to flex more — like walking shoes. These shoes take into consideration how you strut down the street and how the ball of your foot flexes. The more athletic the purpose, the more specialized sneakers get.

The same goes for dressier sneakers. Before finalizing your purchase, take a look at the materials and the purpose behind the shoes. Will they match what you need and what you're looking for?

Tackle Those Heels!

One of the most critical parts of the foot in terms of comfort and importance is the heel. It's the first thing that'll tip you off that something's wrong with the fit. 

Be sure to address it if your Spidey sense tells you something's off — because who wants to wear sneakers that dig into your heel? That's certainly not part of our values!

Sneakers that don’t fit can result in friction as you walk. That friction can cause blisters and shredded skin, something we all want to avoid — especially in new shoes. A proper fit in the heel is your ticket to keeping your heels happy in any new pair of kicks. 

Once you know your shoe size, loosen the laces and step in. Do a test walk and see how this feels.

  • If it feels tight just standing in them, then it'll be too tight when they're all laced up.
  • If it feels slightly loose, it should be a good snug fit when fully laced.

Space for Your Piggies

We've looked at the heel, but what about the top of the sneaker, around the toes? Well, we've got you there too. 

Once you find your next potential sole mate (we couldn't help it), try them on and stand up. Place your thumb by the toe of your shoe, and push down in front of your toe. This will show you how much space is between the edge of your toes and the inside of the shoe. 

If there is no extra room for your finger between where your toes end and the top of the shoe, it's probably too small. If there is a lot of space for your thumb or even space for two fingers, the shoes will be too loose. 

 It's a quick way to find out if the area up front will give you any trouble. For a more precise measurement, it should be around three-eights of an inch or one half of an inch.

Any Little Quirks

One foot is never the exact same size as the other. Usually, one is a little larger than the other, though not by much. While a larger foot is not cause for concern, it's good to keep in mind when you are trying on shoes.

If one of your feet feels tighter in the shoes than the other, it's likely the bigger one. A little difference in tightness is okay, however, you want to be sure that it won't lead to any pain later on. If both of your feet feel tight in your potential kicks, it's a definite sign to go up a size or find a different shoe altogether

Another quirk is that like feet, everyone's toes are different. Some toes are short and wide, while others are long and thin.

Toes can also point in different directions, which can affect the size of the shoe required. For example, some toes point inward, leading to a tricker fit for sneakers. Luckily, most manufacturers take this into their own sizing charts and plan around that.

The large range of foot sizes is nothing new, and if you're a little unsure of exactly what you've got, don't be afraid to take notes and measure again. 

A Little Width Goes a Long Way

We've covered some tips for the length of your feet, but, another factor to consider is the width of your foot. If you have wide feet, sizing may look a bit different for you.

You may have to look for shoes that are made with wider feet in mind. Most brands have specific sizes for this; however, they may not always be available. In those cases, you can try going up a size or two to find a suitable fit. Be sure to always try them on before buying.

After going a size up, take a second to walk around in the new size. Get a feel for how the new size fits. If you're still unsure about the fit, use the ball of your foot as a metric for your comfort! It's the widest part of your foot before the toes, and it's one of the areas that can ache the most if you've got a less-than-stellar fit.

The Final Touches

As you step into your sneakers, with our sizing tips in mind, you should feel comfortable in their fit. You'll have no fear of painful blisters or cuts from your shoes, so you can confidently show off your fashion sense anywhere you choose. 

Remember to keep these tips in mind when shopping for new kicks. They can be the difference between a pair you'll love to match with countless outfits and a pair that spends its days in the back of your closet. 

And for shoes that promise superior style and comfort, you can always check out KOKOLU comfort knit sneakers. Our shoes are made from plastic bottles, so they're not only on trend, but they're also stylish,sustainable, and good for the planet. 


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